Man and woman standing in a greenhouse and holding hands smiling at the camera


Are you trying to figure out what to wear to an upcoming photoshoot?  Read on for some of my tried and true tips on creating timeless, coordinating outfits whether you’re planning individual portraits, an engagement session, or a family photoshoot!

Keep location in mind!

If you’re at the stage of picking out your outfits, it’s likely that your location is already decided on.  What colors are most prominent at your location or venue? Teal tile?  Sage green paint?  A yellow couch?  Or is it in a field or greenhouse where there are a lot of neutral and muted colors?  Whatever the case, keep this in mind.  When choosing an outfit, choose colors that don’t clash with your backdrop.

What goes with your home?

What are you planning to do with your photos after they’re taken?  Are you envisioning putting them in photo album or hanging them on that bare wall in your living room?  If it’s the latter, pick outfits in neutral or jeweled tones so your photos look beautiful on the wall all year long!  Also keep in mind that if your home has mainly gray and blue tones but you choose to wear a bright red dress to your photo session, your photos may end up clashing with your color scheme.

Two words: complimentary colors.

Are you doing a photoshoot with your significant other or your family?  Whatever the case, wear colors that compliment each other, but aren’t too matchy.  Matching all white button downs and jeans might just be the death of me!  I recommend keeping color palettes between 2-4 complimentary colors.  Start by picking one outfit and working off of the colors there to create the other outfit(s)! 

Keep it timeless.

You know when you look at a picture and you just know what time period it was taken in?  Ed Hardy and PINK by Victoria’s Secret are a thing of the past. In other words, don’t wear anything with logos or brands front row and center.  On that note, stay away from wearing anything super trendy altogether during your session. Even if it’s mega cool right now, it probably won’t be next year.

No busy patterns! I repeat, no. busy. patterns.

The point of a photoshoot is to document you, your significant other, or family – just as you are!  One of the most distracting things that takes away from a wonderful portrait is a really busy or bright pattern.  

Less is more!

Wear simple accessories or none at all.  For example, wear your everyday items like your engagement/wedding ring and your favorite bracelet.  Again, stay away from trendy, statement jewelry.

Most importantly...

Be comfortable!  Don’t buy something to only wear one time and whatever you do choose, make sure you’re comfortable in it.  Helpful questions might be: Would I wear this for other occasions?  Is this really my style?  Do I feel amazing when I wear it?  Can I move around in it?

At the end of the day, these are your photos to keep and pass down to your children and grandchildren.  I think the best advice of all, is to just keep it simple.  Focus on enjoying the experience with your significant other or family!  If you find that you just want a second opinion from a fellow gal pal on what to wear to your photoshoot, email me and I’ll help ya in any way I can!  Or to see my favorite outfit ideas for couples and families, check out my Pinterest!