Hi there!  It’s been a few weeks!  I have been trying to blog every Friday but the past few weeks have been incredibly busy!  Basically we went on vacation and it was one thing after another.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories where I explained everything that going on with our trip.  Then we found out we need to move out of our rental home asap, but I’ll save all of that for my March recap 🙂 Anyways, I’m planning to get back on the blogging train starting with this post!

Career Updates

-Valentine’s Mini Sessions -

These turned out AMAZING. I had always wanted to shoot at Laguna Gloria so this was so much fun for me!  I ended up booking 5 mini session spots with some amazing couples and families.  Read all about my mini session clients and get a peek of their photos here!  As much as I’d like to leave it at that, I really want these recap posts to be an honest picture of what I’m going through as an Austin photographer in my first official year really going for it.

This was my first time doing mini sessions, so honestly, I was a little nervous.  I was scared no one would book but I was pleasantly surprised when I booked 5! There were still a few open spots on the day of, but I actually felt like this was helpful for my first time because I didn’t feel as much pressure having to shoot back to back to back for hours.

I also think I booked the venue for a relatively long time for mini sessions.  I’ve typically only seen Austin photographers hold mini sessions for about an hour or two. I chose to book the venue for three hours because after doing the math, I would make more of a profit/session on three hours than two (if all of my slots got booked).  That meant that I had nine spots available for booking.  Since I only booked 5 spots, I broke even on the day of instead of making a profit. I was so excited though when one of my mini session clients (who found me through Instagram!) ended up booking a wedding with me.  So this meant that I more than broke even once that is included, which just made all the work (which was definitely more than I expected) worth it! 

Couple in nice clothes sitting on a blue velvet couch at Laguna Gloria getting their photo taken by an Austin photographer
A couple snuggling at Laguna Gloria getting their photo taken by an Austin photographer
A little boy wearing blue suspenders smiling and sitting in his dad's lap getting their photo taken by an Austin photographer


This year, I hired my first marketing gal (read more about that here in my January Recap!) which is allowing me to really dig in on my marketing strategy.  I always had an idea for how I wanted to execute marketing for Honey Snap in the Austin photography industry but I was just spread too thin. I currently have a marketing contract with a small company based out of College Station which takes up a lot of my time.  Fortunately, bringing on Cicily has helped me focus on Honey Snap more and not feel so spread thin!  

This year we started focusing on being more consistent with my Instagram and sending out monthly newsletters.  Last year I also signed up to be apart of The Book of Beautiful Weddings vendor network as an Austin photographer and the magazine just got published in January.  All of these things are working in tandem so wonderfully and I’ve had more bookings this year so far than ever before!

Half of my inquiries have come from being published in this magazine and it has really showed me how great marketing can be.  Because this has been so successful, I’m thinking about other ways I can market myself in the area as an Austin photographer. Brides of Austin is another publication I’m really considering joining in the near future!

bride and groom in front of a chapel
bride and groom embracing lovingly under a tree with flowers
gold tray with flowers, wedding rings, and wedding program on it

Personal Updates


At the very beginning of February, we adopted a new puppy!  He’s a german shepherd and is the cutest thing. He loves to play with us, wrestle with Maisy, and is growing like a weed!  It actually took days for us to pick out a name for him because every name I liked, I wanted to save for our future children lol!  Avery only agreed to his nickname if his full name was Ollivander (like Ollivander’s Wand Shop from Harry Potter!) and Olly was for short.  I wanted his nickname to be Ollie but I compromised!  Now, Avery has decided he likes Ollie better.  Which is what I wanted!  But now it’s been over a month of spelling it as “Olly” and I don’t know how long it will take me to get used to it lol.  

Anyways, we got him from a friend whose parent’s dogs had puppies.  When we first brought him home, he was very used to being an outdoor pup living the ranch life.  I think it took him some getting used to living in our home but he’s very much family now 🙂  

Although we really thought we were ready for a puppy, I think we underestimated how much work they really are.  He completely disrupted our work schedules. It was TOTALLY worth it but has been taking getting used to! At first Avery and I tried switching off days (Avery would take 3 days a work week, I would take 2, or opposite) so we could get good work done for at least half of the week, although now we just split every workday in half (I have Ollie from 7:00 am – 12:00 pm and Avery has him from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm) and it’s been really helpful because it’s helped us get back into a routine!

German Sheppard puppy sitting on kitchen floor

-House Hunting-

We are looking into buying a house!  We have never owned a house before and have been hesitant because of all of the added responsibility when you can’t lean on a landlord.  However, we are finally ready to start the homebuying process and I’m P U M P E D!

We met with a loan officer and now know what we can afford.  Whatever house we go with will actually be more of an investment property rather than a forever home but I still plan on doing some cosmetic things to it, which is the most exciting part for me!  I’ve been dreaming of being able to design a home for so long! I’d love to Joanna Gaines it and completely flip it so that we can make a decent profit off of it when we are ready to sell in a few years.

That was pretty much it for February!  Can you believe it’s already March?  I’ll be posting my March Recap in just a few weeks all about everything that’s been going on this month so check back then!  In the meantime, you can check out some of my other blog posts here!