5 Free Places to Take Pictures in Austin, Texas

Do you have a photoshoot coming up and are looking for places to take pictures in Austin?  There are a TON of beautiful locations around here from venues to parks.  The options are limitless!  Where many venues require an hourly fee for this, Austin is great because there are so many wonderful outdoor parks and trails that make perfect locations for photoshoots and are free (or very low cost)!  Honestly, outdoor sessions are my absolute fave. I just love all of the soft, pretty light that wraps my clients during golden hour at outdoor locations! If you’re looking for an inexpensive/free photoshoot spot, read on to learn more about some of Austin’s parks right in the middle of the Texas hill country! 

Photo by Anastasia Strate Photography

McKinney Falls is SUCH a gorgeous place to take photos in Austin!  From the water that runs through it to the large rocks that create quite the contrast, it’s a really great location if you’re looking for something that has both hill country and water.  McKinney Falls isn’t COMPLETELY free but the fee is only $6 to get into the park for the whole day. 

I have actually lived very close to Brushy Creek for almost two years now!  This park has a lot of trees and beautiful vines (!!!) that grow in the spring and summer and just take over everything!  There is even a quaint little lake on one side of the park that has a lot of cute ducks roaming around.  I love the ducks lol.  

A couple having a picnic on a picnic blanket at the Texas State Capitol and posing for pictures in austin
Photo by Cory Ryan Photography

The Texas State Capitol is a great place to take photos, even if you don’t want the Capitol in them!  The grounds are ALWAYS lush and green, no matter the season which makes it a pretty reliable location.   

Photo by Alexandra White Photo

Walnut Creek is another great spot for photos in Texas hill country, with a giant creek bed that runs through the park, it’s a unique spot that adds a little something interesting to your photos!

Photo by Delfoto

Barton Creek Greenbelt is west of Austin and a large swimming hole called Campbell’s Hole.  This is another prime location to get photos in the middle of Texas hill country.  

Those are my top 5 spots for free places to take pictures in Austin!  Whether you’re one of my clients or just clicking around my blog, I really hope this was helpful!  If you liked reading this post, click here to read more!