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What to Wear to Your Engagement Shoot

Is your photo session approaching quickly or are you preparing weeks in advance?! If you aren’t sure what exactly to wear to your engagement shoot keep reading for some of my best tips and recommendations on creating the perfect outfits for you and your other half! 

Be Yourself and Dress Comfortably

The biggest piece of advice I can give when it comes to choosing outfits for your engagement shoot is to always dress comfortably. If you don’t feel comfortable in dresses, wear a cute pair of pants and a pretty blouse instead. Or if you aren’t a suit and tie kind’ve person, wear a nice pair of slacks and a button down shirt. You don’t even have to tuck it in! When you feel uncomfortable in your clothing it shows.

Showcase Your Personal Style

A great way to showcase personality is through your clothing. Your engagement shoot is meant to be a celebration of you and your fiance’s unique love. So have fun with your clothing and always stay true to you and your partners’ personal style! Your engagement shoot is all about you.

Stay Away From Busy Patterns or Colors

Like I said above, it’s great to show your personal style! At the same time, you want your outfit to compliment you and not to cause a distraction. Busy patterns can take away from the focus of your engagement shoot – you and your other half! A great rule of thumb is to stay away from small, busy patterns or wild colors. If you do decide to wear a pattern, try going for a larger print in neutral colors, like a cream-colored floral. Here are a few great color combinations to get you started when choosing outfits that compliment each other! 

complementary earthy colors

You Can Never Go Wrong With These Outfits

If you’re still stumped on how to create the perfect couples outfits for pictures or want some outfit inspiration to get you started, I’ve got you covered! Here are three timeless outfit ideas for your engagement shoot that are super flattering and ALWAYS look great in photos! 

mens outfit ideas for photos
womens engagement photo outfit ideas

Create an Engagement Session Emergency Kit

Wardrobe malfunctions happen. In the heat of summer, a sweaty session is not uncommon or maybe your new beautiful heels are killing your feet! One thing you can do to be prepared for any mishap during your engagement shoot is to create a mini-emergency kit. Grab a small bag and throw in a hairbrush, deodorant, lipstick, and water. It’s also important to include an extra pair of comfy shoes, bobby pins, and safety pins. That way, no matter what happens you are prepared!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful for choosing your engagement session outfits! At the end of the day, these are your photos, so wear what makes you feel the most you! If you’re currently looking for an Austin-based engagement photographer, I’d love to shoot with you! Fill out my contact form here or email me directly at! 🙂