5 Perks of Having a Micro Wedding

5 Perks of Having a Micro-Wedding

If I know anything, it’s that 2020 is officially the year of micro-weddings! Micro-weddings are small, intimate weddings with a guest list under 40 people and they’ve been increasing in popularity amidst the chaos this year. Celebrating love doesn’t stop even during unpredictable times! If you’ve been thinking about having a smaller wedding or your original ceremony date has been pushed back, a micro-wedding just might be the PERFECT option and here’s why:

Planning is Way Less Stressful

Planning large weddings can be extremely stressful. There are so. many. details! Having a micro-wedding eliminates the stress of hosting, entertaining, and feeding 100-300 people. It also allows a little more wiggle room when it comes to unexpected issues. That way you can focus more energy on celebrating you and your partner! What could be better than that??

bride in white strapless wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers

Cuts Costs Without Sacrificing What You Want

One of the best things about micro-weddings is that they allow a more flexible budget because you aren’t spending loads of money accommodating a ton of guests. You also don’t have to sacrifice as much when it comes to the ambiance of your wedding. A smaller wedding doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be simpler. Less guests equal more funds to spend on things like your dream wedding gown, beautiful florals, and your favorite photographer! 

Laid Back and Low Pressure

Maybe you aren’t someone who wants the spotlight all on you and a traditional ceremony just isn’t what you and your partner picture as your perfect day. Whatever the reason, a micro-wedding may be right up your alley! Small weddings are a lot more laid back and low pressure. They really capture the excitement of an elopement but with your closest friends and family.   

wedding reception dinner tables

An Intimate Experience

Obviously with less people, a micro-wedding is going to be an intimate experience. One of the best perks of having a micro-wedding is that you have more time to connect with your guests individually. Couples who choose micro-weddings invite their closest friends and family and what’s more flattering to your loved ones than to be included in that?!

Have The Honeymoon of Your Dreams

It’s no secret micro-weddings are less expensive than traditional ceremonies. Yet another perk of having a more intimate wedding is that there’s room in the budget to have the honeymoon of your dreams! So go ahead, book that trip to Aruba (you know, when the pandemic allows). On the other hand, if you’d rather stay close to home a cozy bed and breakfast in Austin would be perfect 🙂

bride and groom in front of a chapel

I hope this has helped you and your other half make a decision if you were on the fence about having a micro-wedding!  If you’re looking for a photographer for your Austin micro-wedding, I would LOVE to talk with you about your wedding plans! Fill out my contact form here or email me directly at caitlyn@honeysnap.studio for more information about my intimate wedding packages!